Accounts and Services

Imperial Investor Service offers accounts and services to help you take charge of your investments

Account Types

Investment/Trading Accounts

Cash Account

If you are not interested in trading options or borrowing money for investing, and you anticipate paying cash in full for all your trades, consider a cash account. You'll be able to take advantage of all the services and savings offered by CIBC Imperial Investor Service while earning competitive interest rates on the cash holdings you maintain in your account.

Registered Accounts

If you've opened an Investment Account but hold registered investments elsewhere, think about bringing all your investments under 'one roof'. Consider the following self-directed CIBC Imperial Investor Service tax-sheltered retirement plans. And remember, with all our registered retirement accounts, there's no annual fee when you maintain a minimum balance of $25,000 in your account. For more details, see our Fees and Commissions schedule.

Other Accounts

Imperial Investor Service offers a wide range of specialized account services to meet your diverse needs. Ask about our Imperial Investor Service account services for corporations, investment clubs, trusts and estates. Additional registered account services include: Self-Directed Life Income Funds (LIF's); Locked-In RSPs or Locked-In Retirement Accounts (LIRA's).

Electronic Brokerage Services - our 24-hour electronic brokerage services for convenient access and additional savings

Our electronic brokerage services harness the power of smart-phone and Internet technology to help you manage your investments conveniently and efficiently. This powerful combination allows you to execute your transactions and access your account and market information in the most convenient and timely fashion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And when you place your equity trades through our electronic brokerage, you enjoy extra savings on commissions.

On the Internet

  • It is easy and cost-efficient to manage your portfolio through your personal computer. You can:
  • Buy and sell mutual funds, fixed income instruments, and stocks and review your open orders.
  • Obtain in-depth Canadian equity research from a leading provider, CIBC World Markets.
  • Track stocks and indices with interactive charting service from BigCharts.
  • Get stock news and price change information with email Alerts.
  • Monitor, analyze, rank and chart more than 2000 mutual funds with Mutual Fund Market.
  • Call up interim account statements and corporate news.
  • Access online help and around-the-clock customer support for additional assistance.
  • Be notified of upcoming new issues (IPOs) through our New Issues Notification Service via e-mail.
  • Access information on new issues available through our online IPO Information Centre.
  • Review your portfolio and up to 13 months of transaction history.
  • Access useful summaries of daily market movers and create your own charts and graphs to track historical trends.

Using the smart-phone:

Buy and sell stocks and review your open orders.

Research, tools and resources to help you make smarter investment decisions

At CIBC Imperial Investor Service, we've put together a combination of simple, straightforward tools and resources to help you make more informed investment decisions.

Cash Management

One of the most effective ways to reach your investment goals is to set money aside regularly.

CIBC Imperial Investor Service Regular Investment Plans

It's easy to build your investment account, RRSP, or RESP with the CIBC Imperial Investor Service Regular Investment Plan. CIBC Imperial Investor Service offers the opportunity to set up regular automatic debits (in any amount) from your bank account (CIBC or another financial institution) into the mutual fund* of your choice, on any schedule (minimum regular investment amounts apply).

Investment Type Minimum dollar amount2 Frequency (weekly / bi-weekly / monthly / month end / quarterly / semi-annually)
Cash $25 Yes
CIBC Money Market funds
CIBC Managed Portfolio Funds
$25 Yes
CIBC Mutual Funds $100 Yes
3rd Party Mutual Funds1 $100 Yes

1 (Some fund companies do not provide regular investment plans)
2 Unless a higher minimum is set by the applicable fund company)

CIBC Imperial Investor Service Systematic Withdrawal Plans

Systematic withdrawal plans provide you with a simple, effective way to receive additional income from your investments while still maintaining your investment's growth potential. These plans are designed for mutual fund investors who depend on cash flow from investments to supplement their other sources of income. A systematic withdrawal plan works by selling a certain dollar amount of your mutual funds at regular intervals to provide you with a consistent stream of income.

  • ShareBuilderPlan. This plan enables you to have dividends on hundreds of eligible Canadian and U.S. stocks automatically re-invested into additional, whole shares. There's no re-investment commission to pay. To participate, your eligible stock dividend pay out needs to be sufficient enough to purchase at least one additional share (dividends cannot be re-invested into partial shares)
  • The cash transfer functionality allows you to move funds easily between your Imperial Investor Service account and your CIBC bank account
  • Sweep accounts ensure regular cashflow, particularly if you depend on your investments for income, by moving your interest and dividend payments directly into your CIBC bank account
  • Access to higher interest rates through your cash account means that your cash is never sitting idle - the higher your balance, the harder your cash is working for you