Updates to Online Security Features

One of our main priorities at CIBC Imperial Investor Service is protecting the privacy and security of the information you view on our website. As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the highest quality security standards, we are enhancing our online security features.

These enhancements include new guidelines for setting up Personal Verification Questions (PVQs). As a result, you may be prompted more frequently to answer your PVQs, for example, when travelling. If you are a new CIBC Imperial Investor Service Online user, you will be prompted to create PVQs. If you are an existing CIBC Imperial Investor Service Online user, you should take a few moments to review and update your PVQs.

Online users can create their own PVQs or choose from pre-existing questions. Your PVQs should not be based on preferences - such as, what is your favourite food - as the answer to this question may change over time. Samples question include:

  • What was the name of your first pet?
  • Where did you go to elementary school?
  • What was your first job?

Your PVQ answers should be unique - do not use PVQs that you have used on other websites. CIBC Imperial Investor Service will never send you an e-mail requesting this information.

For more information or if you require assistance with your Personal Verification Questions, please visit contact us.